Jytte Jonna Hansen

1952 born in Copenhagen, Denmark
1971: Holbæk Kunsthøjskole( Artschool)
1972-75: Education as a socialworker, specialized children
1993: The School of Visual Arts / Copenhagen; courses in drawing / watercolor/ink

Over the years I have taken several artcourses for eksampel; how to develope childrens creativity, papermaking, plant dying,  popup books and croqius.

I have always expressed myself creatively and artistically through music, theater and visual arts.
As a visual artist, my curiosity has been a driving force for testing different materials and tools. This has over the years influenced the development of my artistic expression. In times I have worked with collage / tusch, in others it has been watercolor or acrylic painting that has dominated. For a number of years, my image world was populated by "angels" not in the Biblical sense, but seen as an unpredictable force. There were often letters or small pieces of text that were included as a complement to the figures in the painting.

My color palette has changed over time, from colouristic to subdued earth colors, white with color touches and return to the colorist.
Periods where I have been affected by serious illness have also played an important role in my way of expressing myself. The thoughts, feelings and reflections that the disease has brought with it has been transformed into the artistic process.
In 2007, I was affected by a blood clot in the brain, and one of the consequences was, among other things, disturbances in my right hand. On the basis of this, I decided to go away from my picture universe and start on a very bare bottom. It has since evolved into an abstract universe that is very colouristic and which I continue to explore and develop. I do that in painting, collage, watercolor and tusch. I work in many different formats both on paper and canvas, and in recent years I have come back to paintings in larger format.

Since 2005, I and my husband have lived in Lövestad in Skåne, Sweden. Here we have become part of an artistic environment that is stimulating, inspiring and that creates opportunities for cooperation in various artistic contexts.
I am active in various musical contexts, along with musicians with roots in the local music scene.
For about 7 years I was participating in a Sound Painting Group, who worked with a sign language developed by American Walter Thompson. We worked primarily with the voice and the body as instruments.

In Denmark I have exhibited in art associations, public buildings and galleries since 1994.
In Sweden I have participated in the "Easter exhibition" since 2007.
I have attended exhibitions on Galleri Gimlelund, Tranåsgården, Volsjö Mill, Kultur Möllan (Sweden).
I am a member of the KIS; Culture in Sjöbobygden, a union for artists and craftsmen and other cultural workers in Sjöbo municipality. I have attended several exhibitions organized by the association.